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Lleader's Greetings

Message Chairman

  At Greenleaf, we use our expertise in advanced materials technology to develop products of superior quality and performance, and we work with our customers to help them use those products in the most efficient manner. It’s our technology and our willingness to work closely with our customers that make us world leader in cutting tools.

  Our goal is to help our customers become more successful by solving their productivity problems. We do this in several ways – by developing a better tool design, by producing superior tool materials, or just by offering some good shop-floor advice. Whatever it takes, we’ll solve your toughest application problems. While other companies are selling commodities, we’re offering technical ability, service, and excellent products.




Message General Manager

It is the goal of all the outstanding sons and daughters of the Chinese nation to strive for the great renaissance of the Chinese nation, and the realization of the four modernizations is the specific definition of this goal. Four modernizations are the first to industrialize, and industrialization is the first to modernize equipment manufacturing. Modernization of equipment manufacturing, materials are the key, manufacturing is the means, the development of materials science, the greater the difficulty of metal cutting. The Greenleaf Group provides you with the best cutting tools for difficult-to-machine materials – non-metallic ceramics and carbide cutting tools. We hope that in the equipment manufacturing industry, our green leaves will make you more beautiful.
As the world's first inventor of whisker-reinforced ceramic inserts, Greenleaf has a reputation in the field of ceramic cutting tools. The world's major aero engine giants, the United States GE, the United Kingdom Rolls-Royce, France Snecma, Canada Pratt & Whitney (P&W) have Greenleaf ceramic cutting tools as the first choice.
It is Greenleaf's eternal pursuit to always be user-centric and work closely with users to create value for users. Sincerely welcome friends at home and abroad to come to consult and negotiate, we will be happy to serve you.

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