Other business


Greenleaf has advanced production equipment, first-class technology and strong r&d team, products are widely used in gas turbines, steel, medical equipment, the roller cutting, automobile manufacturing, machine tools and railway industry, aerospace, shipbuilding, locomotive, machinery manufacturing, mining and other industries, the main products include all kinds of physical, chemical coating, metal ceramic non-metallic material such as ceramic and super-hard materials, precision turning, milling, boring, drilling, cutting and cutting and processing into a series of blade and form a complete set of high precision cutting tools, as well as a variety of high-quality cutting tool and tool system as a whole. Greenleaf can produce various cutting tools according to customers' different demands and provide complete solutions for machining and manufacturing.

Representative application areas:


Greenleaf developed a series of processing schemes to address the unique and common problems in the manufacture of jet engine parts. High nickel base alloy, stainless steel and titanium alloy are the processing field that we are good at.
The Greenleaf cutting tools and cutting tool systems are used in most of the world's commercial and military jet turbine engines.

二、Crankshaft Milling

Greenleaf manufactures first - class crankshaft milling cutters in strict accordance with design standards. By using a segmented cutting system, Greenleaf's crankshaft milling cutter can accurately control the error while processing heavy crankshaft and camshaft. The combination with Greenleaf high hardness and high performance carbide blade is the best choice for processing large crankshaft.

三、Rail Milling

Greenleaf specializes in the development of heavy rail milling tools and blades for the processing of difficult rails, frog and switch. The specially designed high hardness cutter is used with the carbide-tipped blade which is specially designed to process high manganese alloy steels.