Job Offers


Job Offers

Recruitment 1: Sales Engineer
Professional requirements: mechanical manufacturing, metal cutting
Job nature: full time
Work experience: no limit, relevant work experience is preferred
Education requirements: Bachelor degree or above, master's degree is preferred
Language ability: English level 6 or above, high oral level
Recruitment number: 2-3 people
Treatment: annual income of more than 60,000 plus performance commission, five insurance, one gold and other benefits
Working location: Changsha City, Hunan Province
Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for product marketing, product demonstration, and completion of product sales tasks;
2. Responsible for product demand and market information feedback, which can timely and accurately feedback the user demand information and competitor information of the first line of the market to the product manager, and have good technical communication with the product manager;
3, channel supervision and coordination, can supervise the dealer's product sales completion on a quarterly basis, can do risk control, promote channels to complete tasks; collect and understand customer needs, assist customers in selecting models, and provide excellent processing technology solutions.
4. Coordinate product technical support, service and other resources to complete sales tasks and project implementation;
5. Responsible for pre-sales technical support, customer communication, demand analysis, product introduction, solution formulation, etc.
Recruitment 2: Front desk clerk
Job nature: full time
Work experience: no limit, relevant work experience is preferred
Education requirements: college degree or above
Recruitment number: 1 person
Treatment: 2000-3000 yuan / month, transportation, housing, communications and other subsidies; holiday allowance; double pay at the end of the year; five insurance and one gold.
Working hours: 9 to 5, two weekends.
Working location: Changsha City, Hunan Province
other requirements:
Female, age 21-35 years old, height 160cm or more, good facial features, good image quality.
Responsible, service-oriented and obedient, able to follow the work arrangements of superiors.
Have good organizational and coordination skills and communication skills, quick thinking and strong adaptability.
Mandarin standard, with a certain foreign language ability and business etiquette knowledge.
Proficiency in the use of computers, copiers, printers, fax machines and other office equipment;
Proficiency in various office software, such as: office, wps, etc.
Job Responsibilities:
First, the reception work
1. Responsible for the reception work of the company;
2. Responsible for the receipt and distribution of all kinds of letters, faxes, parcels, newspapers and magazines of the company;
3. Responsible for the company's telephone transfer, fax transmission, document copying, etc.
Second, housekeeping
1. Keep in touch with relevant units to ensure that the water, electricity, air-conditioning, telephone, computer, network and other facilities in the office are in good condition;
2. Responsible for the company's logistics support, meeting preparation work, post-meeting clean-up work, etc.;
3. Keep the company clean and show good image of the company.
4. Responsible for the company's duty schedule, statistical work and related daily work.
Third, complete other tasks assigned by superiors and accept leadership temporary work arrangements.
Please send a resume in both Chinese and English when you submit your resume and take a photo of it nearby, and indicate the position you are applying for.
Contact number: 0731-89954796 office@ greenleafcorporation.com.cn