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About Us

About us

        Green Lifestyle (Hunan) Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. is the only wholly foreign-owned enterprises US green groups (Greenleaf Corporation) to invest in China, solely responsible for the whole group procurement of raw materials, product sales and marketing in China, and to customers and distribution to provide comprehensive technical support services.
        Green Leaf Group is headquartered in Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania town of SEG and North Carolina have a production base. Greenleaf has advanced production equipment, first-class technique and strong R & D team, the products are widely used in gas turbines, steel, medical equipment, cutting rollers, automobile manufacturing, machine tools and railroad industry, aerospace, shipbuilding, locomotives, machinery manufacturing , mining and other industries, the main products include a full range of cemented carbide, cermet, ceramic and non-metallic materials such as super-hard materials precision turning, milling, boring, drilling, cutting and grooving a series of blades and supporting high-precision cutting tools, and a variety of high-quality cutting tools and tooling systems overall. Greenleaf also produce various kinds of cutting tools according to the different needs of customers, to provide complete solutions for machining and manufacturing.

        Greenleaf is a high-efficiency machining hardened steel, heat-resistant alloy or superalloy brand. As the world's whisker reinforced ceramic blade first inventor, Greenleaf reputation in the field of ceramic blade, its WG-300 won the "Research and Development" magazine famous IR-100 award. Developed and launched the late WG-600 coating of silicon carbide whisker toughening ceramic blade and WG-700 New whisker toughening ceramic blade, high-strength heat-resistant alloy material finishing field champion.
        As a multinational group, Greenleaf has a sound marketing system, global technical service centers as the fulcrum, subsidiaries and distributors around the world, and gradually formed a point, and entire areas, three-dimensional multi-level network marketing and multi-channel. Greenleaf products in the US aviation manufacturing market share of up to 60%, and sold to more than forty countries and regions. In China, Greenleaf agents and dealers in more than area of ​​Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Wuhan, Chengdu and Chongqing.
        Seventy years, green groups continue to uphold R & D breakthroughs, creating value for customers of a coherent strategy for different user needs, proposed maximum efficiency of processing solutions for users around the world blown away.
        Green Lifestyle (Hunan) Company on July 8, 2011 approved the Changsha City Administration for Industry and registration, the registered address: Changsha High-tech Development Zone, Yu Wenxuan Park Road 27 Lugu C1 Building N 6th floor unit Room 601 ; the legal representative of James M. Greenleaf; registered capital of $ 5,000,000.
        Green Lifestyle (Hunan) Company will uphold Greenleaf advanced tool developed Pioneer premium brand, to expand sales in China Greenleaf, Greenleaf will produce high-quality carbide, ceramic blade and handle all kinds into the Chinese market, and conduct carbide, minerals, non-ferrous metals, chemical products, construction materials and a series of import and export trade and technical advisory services.
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